Skin Image Offers (Up to 94% Off)

Skin Image Offers (Up to 94% Off)

Six Laser Hair Removal Sessions on a Choice of Areas at Elegant Skin (Up to 94% Off)

What does laser hair removal involve?

Laser hair removal aims to reduce unwanted hair on specific parts of the body. Chosen areas are exposed to specially developed laser technology, which is designed to target the hair-inducing melanin found in follicles.

What areas can be targeted?

Small areas: eyebrows | earlobes | nose | fingers | upper lip | toes | cheeks

Small to medium areas: nipples | navel pubis | chin | sideburns | hands | jawline | underarms | feet

Medium areas: bikini | upper lip and chin | jawline and chin | shoulder blades | neck | Brazilian | half arms | abdomen | shoulders | upper lip, chin and jawline

Medium to large areas: chest | buttocks | full face | half leg | full arms | full back | full face and front neck | Hollywood and underarms | thighs

Large areas: full leg | full back and shoulders | full arms and underarms